AROS Shotofop

So, this HTML-page is still shitty, even if we have the second alpha version of Shotofop at hands now.

Shotofop is a very feature limited
image processing software for the AROS Research Operating System.
As you will probably notice, this took a lot of inspiration from
Adobes' Photoshop, and aspires to get more and more similar to
that over time.

My intended goal is to create some kind of an Image Processing Software for
AROS, with some of the workflow of Photoshop. I am so used to work with that program
I feel already weird if I have to use stuff like GIMP or PaintShop Pro for
instance (and I know I am not the only one there ;) ).

Please notice that some of the functions of the former alpha version don't work
at the moment, namely the selection tool, which is in the process of getting a
major overhaul, and the rotate menubar functions, on which I don't have any idea
at the moment why I cannot get them to work properly within the Cairo engine.
Hopefully that will change soon.
So, you may ask, what's new in this Alpha? Well, You can use an early version
of the Layer Window, in which you can create and delete layers, and switch them on and off.

Next Step will probably being able to load and save those layers in my own propretiary format,
so watch out for that...

At the moment I will just renew the main program file, since the other stuff in the tar file
won't change much for the near future. So, if you already have an older version of Shotofop,
just replace the main program file with the one you can download here.

download Shotofop program file here...
download Shotofop alpha 0.02 here!!!(Complete tar file)

have fun!!!